Artist Hood da Mayor born Ricky Morrisey, brought up in the streets of Fayetteville NC.  He was introduced into the street life at an early age. The struggle was real growing up so he began embracing music as an outlet. Loving the culture of hip hop, some of his biggest influencers are Biggie, Jada Kiss, Conway The Machine and Jay Z. 

In the shed in his Moms backyard, Hood da Mayor would start writing and recording music with his brother (Passport Scoob) and his boys from the neighborhood. What began as some fun soon turned into performing in local spots across both North Carolina & South Carolina. He also won a couple local music awards. Since then he has been collaborating with popular producers, DJ’s and artists both locally and out of state. These collaborations include names such as Duane-Da Rock Ramos, Clay Dub, DJ Izzy NIce, 4ord, Fat Sosa, Rain 910, DJ Remedy and the list goes on. 

As a Entrepreneur and Successful business owner, starting a label and still pursuing his passion making great music. Check out his newly released single “Struggle no More”.